Food Network Gave Guy Fieri A New Game Show Set In The ‘Flavortown Supermarket’

10.08.13 29 Comments

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Food Network has given Guy Fieri a new game show called Guy’s Grocery Games, which will feature contestants shopping for ingredients and preparing meals inside an actual grocery store. Guess what he calls the supermarket.

Guy’s Grocery GamesSet in an actual grocery store, which Guy likes to call “Flavortown Supermarket,” each episode will have four talented chefs competing against one another in three cooking challenges that will require them to navigate the aisles against real-life shopping challenges. “These chefs will come in — they all have their own specialty, but they have no idea what the challenge is going to be. They have to work and shop within a budget to create a meal for four people that has a particular theme. These are chefs getting the chance to play in the everyday arena: the supermarket.” Guy adds.

I’m torn on this. Let’s make a list of pros and cons.

PRO: This actually sounds like an interesting show. Kind of like Chopped meets Supermarket Sweep, where instead of springing three mystery ingredients on the contestants, producers will be handing them $50 or whatever and telling them to go sick in a glorified Wegmans. I can ride with that. I can definitely ride with that.

CON: Guy Fieri is going to call the contestants his “brotha from another motha” and “sista from another mista” and then I am going to have an aneurysm and die.

PRO: Possible shopping cart crashes.

CON: You can’t see shopping cart crashes when you’re dead, which, again, I will be.

Hmmm. Still too close to call. I mean…

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