The Guy In The Broncos Jersey Stole Colbert’s Segment On Colorado Drone Hunting

The Colbert Report took to Deer Trail, Colorado last night to get the full story on that Drone Hunting novelty ordinance that seemed like such a fun and nutty tongue-in-cheek gesture months ago. Turns out it was actually wrapped in several layers of crazy. One man’s patriotic crazy. The scariest kind.

Deer Trail resident Phil Steele (who is not the college football guru as far as I can tell but I have never actually seen an image of the guy who puts out the magazine) is at the center of it all, turning the segment into Colbert Report production perfection by not realizing he’s the one being mocked. But it’s his reasonable fellow townsmen who really bring home the enjoyment with turd references and Broncos jersey unintelligibility. If you guys need me I’ll be drafting the pilot for a scripted series not at all based on the residents and happenings of Dear Trail, Colorado.

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