Guy Fieri And Smash Mouth Wrote A Cookbook Together

So, remember how Danger said today was amazing? Well, this news is either going to make today extra super duper amazing, or turn it into what happens after you ingest an entire plate of Unyawns Cajun Chicken Ciabatta: Guy Fieri and Smash Mouth (and Sammy Hagar!) have teamed up to write a cookbook together.

SF Weekly directs us to the Amazon page for Smash Mouth: Recipes from the Road: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Cookbook, which uses an excess of colons to make up for what all that red meat is going to do to yours:

Smash Mouth invades the culinary world with a rock n’ roll cookbook. Recipes From The Road [due out October 16] is a unique fusion of delicious recipes, hilarious real-life road stories straight from “The Mouth”, candid road photos, and guest recipes from pop icons such as Guy Fieri (Diners Drive-ins and Dives), Sammy Hagar (Van Halen), Jerome Bettis (Pittsburgh Steelers), and Michael Symon (Iron Chef, The Chew), all displayed in a beautiful, eye-popping layout. (Via)

First off, “The Mouth”? Screw you guys SO hard. Also, it’s a shame they couldn’t get Barry Foster instead of Bettis — like everyone involved with this book, he has some great stories about being awful. Anyway, we know that Fieri and Smash Mouth “singer” Steve Harwell are BFFs, so it’s not a reach to suggest that the recipes contained within the new Holy Bible will employ the King Koopa’s love of dumb puns. Let’s help them out:

  • All Marzipan Stuffed with Bacon Fries
  • Walkin’ On the Sunny-Side Up Eggs
  • Can’t Get Enough of You Baby Back Ribs
  • Then the Corn-Casserole-Ing Comes
  • I’m a Believer…In Fried Chicken Heads with Ranch Dressing Poppers

OK, I admit that last one kind of sucked, but leave your own suggestions. We’ll make our own cookbook of Smash Mouth recipe puns…with the guys from Everclear. Then talk about how our parents hate us.

(Via SF Weekly)