Hank Schrader Tweets First Image From Final Season Of ‘Breaking Bad’

12.28.12 6 years ago 8 Comments

It’s not quite as amusing as Hank Schrader’s Breaking Bad blog, but Dean Norris — who plays Hank Schrader — has recently started tweeting, and the guy is hilarious. I mean, Dean Norris sounds EXACTLY like his Breaking Bad character, e.g.: “Most awkward Xmas moment. Explaining to the Big Guy I had said Ch-Cheetos not Fritos without using “Jesus Christ Santa!” and “On the 13th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…an ASS LIKE AN ONION God Bless!”

A few days ago, Norris also tweeted the first photo from last half of the season (and if you’re not caught up, well, you have no idea what it means, but, hey! SPOILER anyway):

So, as you can see, when the show returns this summer, Hank is still on the toilet for the first episode, titled “The Decision.” I assume that “decision,” is what Hank will do with his newfound knowledge of Walter White’s alternate identity, Heisenberg. But more importantly, HE HAS NO TOILET PAPER. You can’t wipe your ass with one square.

I guess Norris spent a lot of time filming on that toilet, too, as he jokingly follows up with this tweet and image: “Ep 2 still on the can. I get deliberate pacing and all but geez it’s getting ripe in here #IAMTHEONEWHOWIPES”

As you can see, at least he’s got a full roll of toilet paper now. He also tweeted a creepy photo of real Baby Holly playing with Fake Baby Holly.

Here’s a photo of the real owners of Walter White’s house that Norris also tweeted (“Real owners of Walts house No they don’t cook meth Yes they will kick your ass. If u throw another pizza on their roof”).

Finally, here’s a tribute to Hank Schrader that Dean Norris retweeted.

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