Bad News For Sexual Predators: Chris Hansen’s Crowdfunded Sting Operations Are Now In Progress

The wait is over, and sexual predators across the country should exercise extra caution (or not, please get caught) — Chris Hansen’s crowdfunded mission to conduct his To Catch a Predator-style sting operations has made more than enough money and is officially underway! Hansen vs. Predator hit Kickstarter back in the spring and quickly exceeded its funding goals because the world needs its services that badly. And now, it’s officially happening, and the dumb sexual deviants of the planet are going to have to watch their respective backs.

Someone else who needs to keep their eyes and ears peeled are the local police departments who may or may not be involved with the stings. According to New Republic, who followed Hansen as he rounded up an operation in Connecticut, the police said that “it seemed clear the sting was going down with or without the police department’s help, but it could be involved in the arrests — and the publicity — if it wanted.”

Take it or leave it, police! You can either get on the wine cooler and cookies game and catch some pervs, or you can sit this one out and Chris Hansen will take care of business by his own damn self. Even if the police really want nothing to do with it and they haven’t reported a serious problem with child predators. Says Fairfield’s deputy police chief Christopher Lyddy:

“We thought long and hard about this, but at the end of the day we completely understood that this was going to happen no matter what, and that we really had a responsibility to become involved and to ensure this neighborhood was safe.”

Safe — from Chris Hansen and his predator-seeking goons! They’re coming to your town, they’re gonna eat your cookies and drink your beer, and they are going to do whatever it takes to find some sexual predators to put away. Get ready! It’s happening whether you like it or not!

(via New Republic)