Louis C.K. Plays Letterman One Of The Weird And Random Voicemails He Gets From Andrew Dice Clay

One of the more bittersweet parts about adulthood is the lack of new friends. We all have that friend, or guy we used to work with, who constantly wants to keep in touch like we’re going to be friends forever. They want to go out drinking every week. Or they keep sending you texts. Or voicemails.

Louis CK has a friend like that. It’s Blue Jasmine cohort and fellow comedian Andrew Dice Clay.

“Dice” (as he is known to his fans) is a pretty abrasive guy, and has taken to sending weird voicemails to Louis. The two can be seen together in the frankly brilliant new Woody Allen movie “Blue Jasmine” – both Louis and Andrew play boyfriends of one of the central characters although the two are never seen on screen together. Louis appeared on Letterman tonight and showed Dave the kind of (odd) (Bukowski-esque) messages that Andrew leaves for him. Right after he plays a sweet, heartwarming one from his daughter. Watch…

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