HBO Ordered A Pilot Of T.J. Miller’s YouTube Talk Show About A Human-Digesting Alien

Ever heard of The Gorburger Show? Better yet, have you ever watched an episode? It’s a really, really weird Internet talk show on YouTube that features a giant, furry alien creature of some sort who nearly kills a studio full of Japanese media personalities before taking over the show. It then proceeds to host a talk show, often with musical guests.

Turns out Gorburger is the brainchild of none other than T.J. Miller, and according to the Hollywood Reporter, HBO wants to make an honest show out of it:

The premium cable network has ordered to pilot The Gorburger Show, based on the YouTube series of the same name that stars T.J. Miller, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The Gorburger Show is described as a talk show hosted by a giant blue space monster (voiced by Silicon Valley star Miller) who has invaded a Japanese morning talk show and held its staff hostage as he attempts to understand what it means to be human by interviewing celebrities, musicians, cultural icons — including Moby.
 The pilot will feature Moby, Ed Helms, Johnny Knoxville and a music collaboration with Danny Brown and Health as well as a new song from Eagles of Death Metal, the latter of whom previously appeared on one of the YouTube episodes.

So not only is it a talk show with its own fictional narrative, but that narrative revolves around a human-digesting alien named Gorburger voiced by Miller. And it’s coming to HBO. This makes total sense.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)