You Can Get Your HBO Shows Early This Week Thanks To The Oscars

As much as we’d like to deny it, our television viewing schedules are precious things. In this golden age of spoilers, missing an episode could be potentially problematic for those who like to go in with fresh eyes. It is perhaps the ultimate #firstworldproblem, but it’s where we are these days. With the Academy Awards airing this Sunday night, people may have been a little concerned with what that meant for their Sunday night lineup, but fret not! HBO posted a press release today that will hopefully please fans of prestige TV:

For viewers who can’t wait until Sunday to find out what happens next on the buzzy new limited drama series BIG LITTLE LIES, or to laugh along with comedies GIRLS and CRASHING, HBO has announced that the upcoming episodes of these series, scheduled to debut Sunday, February 26, will be available to stream early exclusively via HBO NOW and HBO GO, in addition to HBO On Demand and affiliate portals, on Friday, February 24.

With this news, you can go forth confidently to the watercooler with your opinions about La La Land‘s sweep (you know it’s going to happen despite the superiority of Moonlight) without worrying about any slips about who the killer might be on Big Little Lies. Low level crisis averted!