HBO To George R.R. Martin: ‘Get Busy Writing, Or Get Busy … Oh Please Don’t Die!’

07.26.13 6 years ago 46 Comments

It seems that the programming department at HBO has joined the chorus of fans who are eager for George R.R. Martin to FINISH HIS GODDAMN BOOKS. Instead of hanging out with college women and writing 250,000 WORD coffee table books (at 250,000 words, that book can BE the coffee table), the man needs to put pen to paper before whoever the Jets QB is these days throws an interception, gives him a heart attack, and leaves us without an ending.

HBO is just as concerned as everyone else.

During one of those fancy tour sessions for fancy TV critics, HBO chief executive Richard Plepler and programming president Michael Lombardo told the attendees that the series could run as long as showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss wanted to keep churning it out, as long as there are stories to tell. From EW:

As far as I’m concerned, they can go on as long as there are stories to tell,” Lombardo said. “We certainly haven’t gotten anywhere near that conversation with [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss].”

That said, he also referenced that the show is relying on Martin’s source material, a planned seven-novel epic A Song of Ice and Fire, which still has two more books left to go. “I know there are issues with the books and catching up,” Lombardo said.

“Our line to George was ‘keep writing,’” Plepler said.

“Yes. Get busy writing,” Lombardo agreed.

Yes, Mr. Martin. Hop to it, sir. You’re 64 years old, and not exactly the picture of great health, although I gotta believe that days like these make you feel awfully damn young.

(Source: EW)

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