Help me Find the $5 Corgi

03.11.11 8 years ago 13 Comments

Earlier this week, reader J-Beks sent me a picture of a five-dollar bill stamped with a corgi face and the inscription “QUIZZICAL CORGI • HI FROM HOUSTON, TX” (full-size image here). He wrote:

I found this here in Houston, a friend gave it to me when she paid me back for something or other. I must find out who is doing this/what this is.

Well J-Beks, I agree: I want to know who is doing this. If you’ve gotten your hands on a piece of corgi currency like this or know anything about the mysterious corgi stamper, please email me directly with any clues. I promise complete confidentiality — I just want to know more about this five. Five-dollar. Five-dollar CORRRRGIIIIII.
UPDATE: On this wheresgeorge forum, a poster named “Quossum” claims to be the corgi stamper.  So whaddaya say, Q? Shoot me an email so I can circulate some corgi cash.
What’s that you say? That’s not enough corgis for Corgi Friday? Very well, then: here’s a bunch more:

Aw, look at Raphael, he even has a sai in his little furry shell! I wanna hug him and watch him fight Krang.
(Thanks to Steven for sharing this, via imgur)
(via BuzzFeed)
Reader Jason snapped this picture at Petco. Notice how the diapers can be used for females in heat. DOGGIE CHASTITY BELTS!
And here’s this week’s closer: Chewie (short for Chewbacca). HNNNNNNNNGGGGGHHH.
(more pics at The Daily Puppy)

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