Here Are Two Sad Deleted Scenes From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4

We’re seven weeks away from the return of Game of Thrones and the opportunity to dissect every scintilla of footage that the old Gods and the new give to us, but these deleted scenes from last season aren’t going to dissect themselves, so press play and enjoy these cast-aside addendums to two of the saddest moments from last season.

It’s a little hard to feel bad for Shae, but Bronn’s advice about learning new tricks to stay relevant in both the sell-sword and whorin’ game is adaptable to almost any profession that doesn’t require swordplay.

The banishment of Jorah Mormont was necessary after his betrayal, but Daenerys’ words to Missandei in this scene are heavy with woe.

“Stay with me… never betray me.”

That’s not a threat, it’s a plea from someone who feels more alone than ever before. It’s also heartbreaking and, as you’ll recall, something that got cut from the finished product last year. Proving emphatically that even Game of Thrones‘ table scraps are a feast.

F*ck it, lets just cancel March and make April come a little quicker.

(Source: YouTube via Pajiba)

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