Good Morning, Here Is A Supercut Of Insulting Nicknames From ‘Archer’

There are many, many things to love about Archer. Seriously, so many. But one of my personal favorites is the way the show effortlessly glides between high- and low-brow humor. You’re just as likely to hear a graphic explanation of how moist Pam’s undergarments are at any given moment as you are to get a punchline that references an obscure 14th century general who you have to Google in order to get the joke. (Exhibit A.) That’s range on a level few, if any, other shows can touch.

This supercut of insulting nicknames from the show — put together by the good folks at Slacktory — is a great example of that range. There are childish ones (Kenny Crybaby, Dudley Douchebag), terrible/great puns (Rabbert Klein, Pill-bo Baggins), and namechecks of the father of modern eugenics and a famous 16th century female Irish pirate, all slammed back-to-back for a little over two minutes. It’s glorious. As a total history dork, I like to think of the more crass ones as a way to trick people into learning the real stories behind the ones they don’t understand. It’s not so much a spoonful of sugar as it is a scotch chaser, but hey, whatever gets the medicine down, right?*

(NOTE: Do not chase medicine with scotch. Unless you are on an airplane.)