In Which Anderson Cooper Discusses 'Donkey Booty' Vs. 'Stallion Booty'

In addition to hosting his nightly news show on CNN, Anderson Cooper also has a daytime talk show. The show hasn’t performed quite as well as everyone hoped, so they announced a while back that it would wrap up at the end of the first season, sometime this summer. Anderson, however, is a pro. He’s not gonna mail in the last four or five months, because that’s just not how he rolls. Nope, not Anderson. He’s still gonna be out there every morning asking important questions and getting to the bottom of things.

And so, for just that reason, he had Kenya Moore from The Real Housewives of Atlanta on the show yesterday, and they talked about butts. First, Anderson asked her about the accusations by one of her castmates that her butt has been surgically enhanced, which she emphatically denied. You see, this is a very serious accusation, because Moore is currently hawking a new workout DVD called — and I promise this is true — “Stallion Booty” (preview below), and she doesn’t want her butt tarnished by claims of impropriety. So then Anderson, like the dogged journalist he is, asks the ONLY POSSIBLE follow-up question one can ask in this situation: “Now… what is the difference between ‘Stallion Booty’ and ‘Donkey Booty’?”

Daytime television is the best.


“Stallion Booty” Preview (at the 0:30 mark):