Here’s A Complete Timeline Of Will Arnett’s Seemingly Endless Cameos

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2014 isn’t even halfway over and we’ve already gotten a sizable dose of Will Arnett with his excellent Batman portrayal in The Lego Movie, a cameo on The Simpsons, oh, and The Millers — which got picked up for another season.

Like most people, I most associate Arnett with Arrested Development, that block of 30 Rock episodes, and maybe the occasional Will Ferrell movie (Blades Of Glory). G.O.B. gets around though, the guy has basically been the king of cameos and guest appearances since the late 90s and it’s kind of fascinating to look back on.

For Arnett’s 44th birthday, I’ve compiled this timeline of his best (Human Giant), worst (RV), and Mike O’Malley-est (Yes, Dear) cameos of the last 15 years.

1. Sex And The City, Jack — 1999
“La Douleur Exquise!”

sex and the city, will arnett

2. The Mike O’Malley Show, Jimmy — 1999
“Pilot,” “Out Of Their League” (Will was actually a cast member on the series’ only two episodes.)

3. Third Watch, Kenny — 1999
“Spring Forward, Fall Back”

4. Yes, Dear, Bobby — 2002
“Johnny Ampleseed”

5. The Sopranos, Mike Waldrup — 2002
“No Show,” “For All Debts Public And Private”

6. Law & Order: SVU, Tony Damon — 2002


7. Will & Grace, Artemus Johnson — 2004
“Back Up, Dancer”

will grace

8. Odd Job Jack, Tiberius McKorkindale — 2005
“The Biggest Bang,” “Close Encounters of the Uncomfortable Kind”


9. Wristcutters: A Love Story, Messiah — 2006

10. RV, Todd Mallory — 2006


11. Hot Rod, Jonathan — 2007

12. King Of The Hill, Portis — 2007
“Hank Gets Dusted”

king of the hill

13. The Rocker, Lex — 2008


14. Human Giant, Self — 2008
“I’m Gonna Live Forever”

15. Semi-Pro, Lou Redwood — 2008

16. Sesame Street, Max the Magician — 2008
Season 39, “Episode 6”

17. Parks And Recreation, Chris — 2010
“The Set Up”

18. The Office, Fred Henry — 2011
“Search Committee”

19. Men In Black 3, Agent AA — 2013


20. The Simpsons, Deputy Director Gratman — 2014
“Steal This Episode” (This episode also featured additional big names: Channing Tatum, Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd.)

simpsons, will arnett

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