Here’s Andy Samberg And Jimmy Fallon Going Crazy With Some 5-Second Movie Summaries

These Tonight Show clips are always a lot better when it seems like there’s genuine fun going on and not just that manufactured viral stuff that seems to fly out every other night. I know I enjoy watching them a lot more, especially when someone like Andy Samberg is on as a guest.

Both play “5-Second Movie Summaries” and it goes over a lot better than the last time. It also serves as a nice reminder that Brookyln Nine-Nine is back this Sunday.

They also uploaded this commercial break exclusive that shows Samberg and Fallon enjoying one of the former’s ‘Sambergers‘ and talking about how Fallon was passed over for a named sandwich at Carnegie Deli when he was getting started. It’s sort of how I wish the show was every night and not like that horrid Barbra Streisand episode.

(Via The Tonight Show)