Here’s Every Louis C.K. Stand Up Bit From ‘Louie’ Season One In A Single Video

If it’s a rainy summer Saturday where you are and getting off the couch is simply not on the agenda, man do I have a tremendous new option for you. Some genius video editor just extracted all the Louis C.K. stand up clips from season one of Louie and compiled them into a single video for the internet’s immense viewing pleasure.

All the individual stand up clips from Season 2 & Season 3 can be found separately as well, the full compilations simply aren’t completed yet. They must take time to make or something. I mean, get your sh*t together anonymous video editor doing a huge uncompensated favor for fans of comedy everywhere, amirite?

Below you’ll find fifty-three minutes of unbridled hilarity that is guaranteed to have you singing to yourself about sh*tting in Hitler’s mouth for the remainder of the day. Will update with the other compilations once available. via r/Louie