Here's Every Movie Reference On 'Community' Mashed Together In One Must Watch Supercut

Password: “movietime”

As part of a #RenewCommunity2014 campaign (which I was under the impression wasn’t really necessary this time around due to syndication dollars and the complete and utter lack of success of any new NBC Thursday night programming) one hardcore fan has created this massive tribute to Community’s many, many “Homadies” (a Britta-ism for where homages meet parodies).

I feel like it’s impossible for something like this to be 100% comprehensive, but damn if they didn’t cover just about everything, all the way up to Zardoz this season. Color me impressed.

With that in mind I can’t encourage you enough to sit back and kick off your week proper by re-living (almost) all of the most excellent movie homages and parodies in (almost) chronological order that Community has had to offer over the past five years. I choose to believe that even with Levar Burton explaining it to him multiple times, Troy still doesn’t get Inception.

Vimeo via r/Community