Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spin-off, ‘How I Met Your Dad’

UPDATE: How I Met Your Dad Has Found Its Lead Actress

The nine-season run of CBS’s How I Met Your Mother comes to an end on March 31 with a scene the producers filmed almost a decade ago. But I believe it was the legendary Greek philosopher Plato who said “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end,” and so, with that in mind, allow me to present some new information about the upcoming How I Met Your Mother spin-off, How I Met Your Dad, from HIMYM executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. (Actually, it’s not so much a spin-off as it is a bounce-off, if that’s even a thing, seeing as the show will use all new characters in familiar situations as opposed to a familiar character in all new situations, but whatever. Spin-off is easier, so spin-off it is. Moving on.)

According to TVLine, which got its hands on the casting information for the show, the series will focus on a twentysomething named Sally — who will be the show’s version of Ted, right down to the narration — and her group of friends. Here are all the descriptions:

SALLY: She’s vibrant, messy and unpredictable — a “female Peter Pan who has never grown up and has no idea of where she’s going in life.” She’s thinking of calling it quits with her husband of a year, Gavin. She’ll lean on her circle of friends for advice and support through the inevitable divorce. That circle includes…

JULIET: Sally’s sexy, flamboyant, energetic, party-girl BFF. She runs a successful fashion blog. She’s delighted to learn Sally is ending things with the terminally boring Gavin.

DANNY: Sally’s older gay brother, a Type A, overachieving lawyer whom she shares little in common with. They nonetheless share a tight bond, although Sally’s decision to move in with Danny after her split with Gavin promises to test that bond.

TODD: Danny’s warm, outgoing husband and one of Sally’s closest friends from college. Unlike Danny, Todd welcomes Sally into their home.

FRANK: The head of IT for Juliet’s fashion blog. He’s a hot nerd. He has genuine feelings for Sally, but it’s a one-sided flirtation. At least for the moment.

So basically, if we want to be a little unfair and judge all these characters based on two-sentence descriptions from leaked casting descriptions (which we do, obviously), Sally is Ted; Juliet is Barney; Danny and Todd are Lily and Marshall; and Frank is Robin, but in reverse. Kind of. Although they didn’t specifically say that all these characters are human, which leaves open the possibility that Juliet is the sister of the dog from Dog With a Blog, and a desire to blog just runs in their canine family. You’ve got to learn to read between the lines, people. That’s where the magic is.