Here’s Joel McHale Hanging Out With Mulder And Scully On ‘The X-Files’ Set In Vancouver

In June we reported that Community star Joel McHale would guest star on the new X-Files revival as a conservative news anchor. What comes to mind when you combine the concepts of “Joel McHale” and “conservative news anchor”? What does that image even look like? Thanks to Twitter user desertpeach77, we now know the answer to this important question.

It’s a grainy-yet-discernible image from the Vancouver-based set of The X-Files, but not just any image. Her snap features McHale, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in costume and, presumably, in character. So if you pictured McHale wearing a dark blue suit, light blue shirt and American-red tie, you’d win the non-existent prize that’s usually given out for such stellar guesswork.

(Via desertpeach77/Twitter)