Here’s Proof That Don Pardo Would’ve Appreciated Being Replaced On ‘SNL’ By Darrell Hammond

As we reported this morning, Lorne Michaels announced that Darrell Hammond will replace the late Don Pardo as announcer on Saturday Night Live. Before he passed away, howeover, Don Pardo recorded a video last year for the TV Legends archives, in which he talked about one of the times that Darrell Hammond replaced him when Pardo came down with a touch of laryngitis.

“Darrell Hammond did it,” Pardo said. “And he did such a job that … my sister-in-law called up the following Sunday morning … and said, ‘You were going back to your acting days. You sounded terrific!'”

Pardo eventually confessed to his sister-in-law that it wasn’t him, and that it was Hammond, and that he “did quite a job!”

In related news, it’s bittersweet to hear Don Pardo’s voice again. I hate that, for practically the first time in 40 years, it won’t be his voice that we hear introducing the cast a week from Saturday.

via USA Today