Here’s Ricky Gervais And Jimmy Fallon Totally Killing It In A Hilarious Game Of ‘Word Sneak’

I will go on record as someone who still enjoys Ricky Gervais quite a bit. I know he is probably on the back end of his popularity, but he still puts out some quality entertainment. This game of Word Sneak with Jimmy Fallon is no different, providing just the right amount of laughs and risque humor to skirt past on network TV.

I think the thing I will never tire of is Gervais’ laugh. It’s just too much not to laugh at it and it reminds me of those great blooper reels from The Office. There also needs to be a special shout out for that Richard Gere joke, not because it is particularly great or anything. I just think it’s funny that people actually spread such a rumor. It’s right up there with Rod Stewart’s roadie experience and the Led Zeppelin mud shark.

(Via The Tonight Show)