Here’s The Real CNN Anchor That Olivia Munn’s Character In ‘Newsroom’ Is Based On

So, I was reading up on The Newsroom LIKE YOU DO when you’re Sorkin-ing out and you’ve already exhausted the Operation Genoa information. And what do I find out in an interview with CNN? That Olivia Munn’s financial reporter on Newsroom is based on an actual CNN anchor, or at least, how Aaron Sorkin envisions that anchor to be. From CNN:

While Munn’s character Sloan Sabbith is partially based on CNN anchor and correspondent Christine Romans – Sorkin emphasized that “The Newsroom” is a work of fiction.

“All of the characters on the show are fictional. I don’t know Christine Romans at all,” he said. “I met her for the very first time on Monday night when we had a screening in New York for newspeople. And I’ve always been a fan of Christine Romans’ broadcasts and I try to understand what she’s saying. I’m illiterate when it comes to finance and the economy.”

Munn’s Sloan is “who I’ve always imagined Christine Romans is. I’m sure I got it wrong but that’s who inspired [Munn’s] character.”

Yeah, I know, you want to know what she looks like (at least those of you, like myself, that don’t follow CNN and have no idea who Christine Romans is:

I like to think that Christine Romans also has an older, drunken codger for a producer who calls her “girl” and gets verbally bitch-slapped.

This is in no way relevant.