Here’s What Brienne And The Hound’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Stunt Doubles Look Like

The fight between the Hound and Brienne of Tarth was the best scene in the Game of Thrones season four finale. It was unexpected, dirty, violent, and according to Arya Stark herself, Maisie Williams, a whole lot of fun to film. Here’s what she had to say about Rory McCann and Gwendoline Christie’s duel.

“They had stunt doubles on set, but it was getting to the point where even the stunt guys were like, tired and they had to swap back in the actors in this hot sun on the top of this big kind of mountain thing…You get tired and your body slows down after a while and your reactions slow down and there [were] a lot of cuts and bruises by the end of it. It was so, so intense.” (Via)

What does the stunt double for a six foot-plus woman look like? Well, HE looks a lot like the same stunt double who will stand in for Alexander Skarsgård in Tarzan.

That’s a man, baby. *gets sliced in half for making an Austin Powers reference in 2014*