Here’s What It Looks Like When A Network Sitcom Films A Nude Scene

Like all various bad professionals, Bad Judge plays by her own rules. She doesn’t care if the Miami-Dade Chapter of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers sent a letter to NBC, rightly demanding that Bad Judge be put out of its misery because it depicts “a female judge as unethical, lazy, crude, hyper-sexualized, and unfit to hold such an esteemed position of power” — she’s still going out for a swim…naked.

But how can a network sitcom, you’re probably not wondering, show Bad Judge’s goods? Well, they can’t, which is why Fargo temptress Kate Walsh had to wear a skin-colored “naked suit” while filming a recent scene at the beach.

You can see the actual photos here, and please feel free to write your own Bad Judge fan fiction in the comments. Here’s a prompt: “The only thing more out of order than this whole trial was Bad Judge’s dating life, until the day she…”

Via Daily Mail