Check Out Your Latest Reminder That ‘Community’ Will Be Returning Soon

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11.23.14 2 Comments

With the news of Netflix saving Tina Fey’s latest sitcom from the barren wastes of NBC cancellation, I’m brought back to another NBC castoff that is soon to be brought back to life by an online streamer: Community.

Now there isn’t any new, big casting headlines to talk about or developments for a possible movie. It’s just time to get a little hyped up. It’s also a fitting time, seeing how we’re almost at Christmas and we’re going to miss out on another Community Christmas episode. Maybe we should try to create our own gifts?

First up is dual proof that they are indeed shooting a new season of the show and it is coming soon. It isn’t just a cruel joke.

First comes from a Tweet from Joel McHale showing himself and Jim Rash deep in concentration for a scene outdoors. McHale notes that it is the first since season three, so that’s a good sign. There’s a budget and they can stretch their legs a bit. Start thawing out Leonard!

The second set pic is from Gillian Jacobs on Instragram and it’s just a little moment of up close and personal time with her and Danny Pudi.

Elsewhere in the universe, Chevy Chase popped up to hang out with Olympic silver medalist Gus Kenworthy at the Humane Society. Kenworthy received an award for his efforts to rescue dogs from Sochi, Russia and I would assume Chase was there to prove he’s actually a good guy. If it were Pierce, he’d be there to steal the dogs or the award and claim glory for himself.

And as our final piece in this Community stocking stuffer, we get Troy and Abed reuniting to promote Far Cry 4 with Comedy Central. Donald Glover collaborated with Ubisoft on the games marketing as Childish Gambino, so there is a connection. I just like seeing these two work together again. It’s nice.

(Via Comedy Central / Joel McHale / Gillian Jacobs / Gus Kenworthy)

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