Hitler Comparisons And Dumps In Sinks: Remembering 5 Of Lewis Black’s Best ‘Back In Black’ Segments

09.01.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

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While they don’t appear as frequently as the used to, Lewis Black’s “Black In Black” segments are still one of the best things about The Daily Show. Black’s perpetual rage reminds us just how angry we should be about some of the more ridiculous news items out there. With that in mind, let’s look at five of the most memorable “Back In Black” segments of all-time.


His brutal takedown of Glenn Beck’s silly Nazi comparisons.
It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time — about four years ago — when people actually cared about what Glenn Beck had to say. Luckily, Lewis Black was around to put him in his place, and become apoplectic in the process. If you watched Beck’s ill-fated Fox News program, you may remember that he had an unfortunate habit of comparing everyone and everything he didn’t like to Nazi Germany. Black tears him a new one for that here. The best line comes when Beck compares Al Gore’s global warming initiative to the holocaust: “I’ve met Al Gore, and Al Gore is no Adolf Hitler. Hitler had charisma!”


His dismantling of arguments about the “moocher class.”
Exposing the hypocrisy of Fox News is one of Jon Stewart’s favorite pastimes, but when it requires an extra bit of rage, Black the man for the job. This time, the target is the right-wing’s rants about the “moocher class” — low-income folks who just don’t pay there share! Black points out that while they gripe about poor folks not paying more taxes, they also bristle at every plan to tax a given product, claiming it would hurt the poor consumers who buy that product. Of course, all these people are worried about is lost profits, and Black drives the point home. On a the rejection of a new cigarette tax: “In the war between ‘cough up a buck’ and ‘cough up a lung,’ lung wins!”


His flawless rant over “artisan” foods at major restaurant chains.
If you’ve ever seen Domino’s, or Tostito’s advertise one of their products as “artisan” and you thought that seemed like a bit of a stretch, this is the Black rant for you. Responding to a Domino’s ad where they proudly claimed that they would say no to any requests to add toppings to their alleged artisan pizzas, Black goes in for the kill: “The only time you can say no to me at Domino’s is if I walk in and say ‘can I take a dump in the sink?’ Otherwise, the answer is ‘yes, sir!'” But the capper is when Black reminds us that the only American product that can truly be called artisanal is our meth. Walter White would be proud.

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