‘The Simpsons’ Fan Theory: Has Homer Been In A Coma For 20 Years?

“Okay dude, get this,” an incredibly high friend says to you mid-puff. “Check it out! What if, what if Homer Simpson has actually been in a coma all this time?” Except for the weed, that’s pretty much how YouTube user KMACK TIME starts when he suggests the beloved patriarch of The Simpsons has been comatose for over 20 years.

KMACK (who refers to himself often in the third person) posits that, in the Season 4 episode “So It’s Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show”, Homer never actually wakes up from the coma he falls into after an April Fool’s Day prank orchestrated by Bart. Instead, he remains a doughnut-craving vegetable, dreaming everything that’s happened in the hit show since the episode first aired on April 1, 1993.

From the apparent logic of the show as laid out by KMACK, to arguments from what science knows about coma patients — the the theory seems plausible. That is, until you consider one very important bit of information otherwise unmentioned — the Simpson family isn’t real. This is a fictional cartoon show, and by no declaration of any governing body whatsoever does such a show have to submit to the laws of human biology or physical reality.

Mic drop.

(Via YouTube)