This Week’s ‘House Of The Dragon’ Sparked Some Heated Debate About Those Thunderous Final Moments

(House of the Dragon spoilers will be found below.)

The penultimate episode of the Game of Thrones prequel’s first season kept people guessing about the whereabouts of the show’s worst character (even beating out Ser Criston due to the power differential) thus far, Aegon Targaryen. Heck, even though Larys and his foot fetish dealt secrets for a carnal trade, at least he’s not literally committing rape like the new king. And of course, even Aegon knew that he wasn’t suited to rule (and King Viserys knew this but f*cked up with his deathbed moans due to milk of poppy) and only committed to the gig once he heard the crowd’s approval.

Then came some comeuppance that wasn’t quite as satisfying as what Daemon did to Vaemond, although there was still plenty to celebrate. Aegon was formally anointed, bestowed with the crown, and held the Blackfyre dagger over his head; and then all hell broke loose. Princess Rhaenys (who had been imprisoned during the Green Council as they maneuvered to install Aegon over the articulated heir, Rhaenyra) burst into the Dragon Pit coronation ceremony atop her dragon, Meleys. Rhaenys (all armored up) said nothing, and there was a stare-down with both Alicent and Aegon waiting to be incinerated by the roaring dragon.

This didn’t happen. Rhaenys simply scared the hell out of the Greens and flew the hell out of there. It was a badass move, and no one can deny this.

For some reason, though, Rhaenys declined to order “dracarys,” which actually could have ended the civil war. Daemon would have done that, right? For sure, and he’d have loved to do it. If you were willing her to “say it,” you’re not alone.

As such, social media was divided with some people thrilled to see Rhaenys taking an intimidating stand for Team Black…

…and those who lamented that she didn’t torch Team Green into a pile of ashes.

Yet if Rhaenys would have set Aegon ablaze, then the show might be over? Surely, people would have still tuned in to watch Daemon happily collect dragon eggs for three more seasons.

HBO’s House of the Dragon airs on Sundays at 9:00pm EST.