Matt Smith And Milly Alcock Laughed Their Way Through One Of The Most ‘Ick’ Scenes On ‘House Of The Dragon’

There’s been a lot of “ick” this season on House of the Dragon, including the foot stuff, Viserys’ “date” with 12-year-old Lady Laena, and the rotting king looking like Gus Fring, post-explosion. But for Matt Smith, who plays smirking prince Daemon Targareyn on the Game of Thrones spin-off series, his biggest “ick” scene was Daemon’s episode four visit to the brothel with his niece Princess Rhaenyra, played at the time by Milly Alcock.

“It’s hard. You’re constantly questioning it. But you have to take the modern-day morality away. It’s a different time. It’s a story, and the story requires that these two characters do that,” Smith told the Los Angeles Time about shooting the scene. “So you do it.” The Doctor Who actor said the show’s intimacy coordinator was “really good,” which made his and Alcock’s job easier. And gave them more time to giggle at naked people.

“Me and [Milly Alcock, who played young Rhaenyra] got on fabulously well and just laughed our way through that scene. It looks really serious, but me and Milly are just pissing our pants the whole time, laughing, going, “There’s all these naked people standing here. What are we doing?” You try and cut through the really weird tension of the room and make jokes.”

What “ick” will House of the Dragon have in store for us in the season one finale? We’ll find out Sunday!

(Via the Los Angeles Times)