How Is ‘Community’ Not More Popular?

UPDATE: Good news and bad news, folks. The good news is that the image that was posted earlier is real. Hooray! The bad news is that the magazine that commissioned it has an excellent legal team that writes very serious-sounding cease-and-desist letters. So until the image gets released to the general public, here’s a different picture of Gillian and Alison almost kissing. I promise to post the original images in glorious high-resolution as soon as they become available.

Move along, folks. Nothin’ to see here. Just Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs, two of the sexy stars from my favorite sitcom, dressed in lingerie and spanking each other in an homage to Bettie Page. A nice way to start the day — it’s like I didn’t even wake up from my dream.

Oddly, this classy smut didn’t originate from GQ or Esquire or some photographer’s website, but from a tumblr blog called More Than Shapes, which has caused some people to question its authenticity. So which is it? Photo shoot or Photoshop?

I don’t know, man. What am I, some kind of journalist now? I looked at it really hard and couldn’t see any obvious fakery; that’s the extent of my investigative skills. But I mean I really looked at it. Like, I squinted and put my face super-close to the computer screen. I even licked it. That didn’t do anything, but it seemed worth a shot.