Here’s How Long It Takes To Read The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Books (And Other Titles You’ve Been Meaning To Read)

Are you thinking about reading Game of Thrones‘ source material, but worried that the task is too daunting? You might be right! Relative to some of the world’s most popular and acclaimed books, the not-yet-finished A Song of Ice and Fire series is quite a time suck. A totally-worth-it time suck… but still a time suck.

Personal Creations used the average person’s reading speed (300 words per minute) to calculate how long it might take to read a long list of popular books, then visualized the data in the infographic below to give bookworms “a rough gauge to inform (their) next reading session.”

George R.R. Martin famously has plenty of ASOIAF writing/murdering left to do, but it will still require nearly 100 hours for the average reader to finish the five volumes GRRM has published so far. In that amount of time, you could read the first 29 titles on the infographic below. Or the entire Harry Potter series and most of The Bible. Or, if diversity isn’t your thing, you could zoom through The Glass Menagerie 85 times.

(Via Personal Creations; H/T io9)