How Many Of The Top 25 Shows On The Cable And Broadcast Networks Do You Watch?

Sometimes, I feel like I’m living in an alternate universe than the rest of the television viewing world. Here we are on a place like Uproxx talking about The Newsroom, Dexter, Wilfred the forthcoming season of Breaking Bad, maybe a little The Bridge and The Killing, and everyone else is watching SHOWS I’VE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF.

I don’t say that in a hyperbolic way. I literally mean, I haven’t heard of a lot of the shows that ranked in the top 25 on both cable and broadcast networks this week. I feel alienated enough during the rest of the year, but during the summer? I feel like I slipped through one of the cracks in Torchwood and found my way into another dimension.


Below, I’m going to list the top 25 shows and you tell me how many of these shows do you watch? Despite a heavy television diet, I watch exactly zero of those shows (I thought the season premiere of Suits, at the very least, would break the top 25).

Top 25 Network Shows (18-49 demo). As you can see, Univision holds many of the spots, which is why — among 18-49 year olds — the Spanish speaking network won the ratings week among networks. Now you know why Matt Damon does the promotional rounds there.

1. America’s Got Talent (Tuesday) (NBC)
2. Under the Dome (CBS)
3. Amores Verdaderos (Univision)
4. Big Brother (CBS)
5. America’s Got Talent (Wednesday) (NBC)
6. Masterchef (Wednesday) (Fox
7. Big Brother (Wednesday) (CBS)
8. Amores Verdaderos (Univision)
9. Big Brother (Sunday) (CBS)
10. Hell’s Kitchen (Fox)
11. Amores Verdaderos (Univision)
12. Amores Verdaderos (Univision)
13. Amores Verdaderos (Univision)
14. Amores Verdaderos (Univision)
15. Hell’s Kitchen (Fox)
16. Big Bang Theory Rerun (CBS)
17. Bachelorette (ABC)
18. Porque El Amor Manda (Univision)
19. Two and a Half Men Rerun (CBS)
20. Que Bonito Amor (Univision)
21. Family Gun Rerun (Fox)
22. American Ninja Warrior (NBC)
23. Copa Oro (Univision)
24. Porque El Amor Manda (Univision)
25. Family Guy Rerun (Fox)

Top 25 Cable for the Week Ending July 28st.

1. Rizzoli and Isles (TNT)
2. NASCAR Spring Cup (ESPN)
3. Major Crimes (TNT)
4. True Blood (HBO_
5. WWE (USA)
6. American Pickers (History)
7. WWE (USA)
8. WWE (USA)
9 Spring Cup Post Race (ESPN)
10. Mountain Men (History)
11. Teen Beach Movie (Disney)
12. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (VH1)
13. Naked and Afraid (Discovery)
14. Shake It Up (Disney)
15. Royal Pains (USA)
15. Perception (TNT)
17. Jessie (Disney)
18. King and Maxwell (TNT)
19. Good Luck Charlie (Disney)
20. Austin & Ally (Disney)
21. The O’Reilly Factor (Fox News)
22. Deadliest Catch (Discovery)
23. Good Luck Charlie (Disney)
24. Teen Beach Movie (Disney)
25. Jessie (Disney)

(Ratings Source: TVByTheNumbers)