How The Last Episode Of 'The Walking Dead' Should Have Ended

Judging by your comments in Dustin’s Walking Dead recap, y’all were none too pleased to see You-Know-Who.

Ghost [DELETED] make me cry to the heavens. Why can’t she just be gone! Rick is losing a lot of points with me and almost all of the cooler characters have been shipped off…This prison is a rocky ship indeed. (Via)

Indeed, CokedUpJesus, a name that could also be used to describe Rick, who’s rapidly devolving from a well-meaning leader to a, well, crazy person with a martyr complex who screams at nothing. It’s only a matter of time before he’s recreating the “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” warning with his own feces, not paint. Anyway, You-Know-Who returned, which, OK, but “The Suicide King” could/should have finished stronger. Via Redditor kamoc.

Scratch that. That’s how every episode of The Walking Dead should end. Either that, or this:

AW HELL…yes.

(Via Reddit)