How Those Crazy Michonne/Rick Shippers Reacted To THAT Scene In ‘The Walking Dead’ Finale

One of my favorite things to follow with The Walking Dead these days is the rabid, foam-at-the-mouth crazy Michonne and Rick shippers, i.e. Team #Richonne. I admit that, until recently, Rick and Michonne seemed to be an unlikely pair. The Walking Dead is not a series that dwells much on romantic relationships, and there didn’t seem to be anything sexual about the chemistry between Rick and Michonne.

But now? I’M A BELIEVER. That scene last night where Rick all but admitted that Michonne has a powerful pull over him, and Michonne telling Rick, “We can find a way… I’m still with you” hooked me immediately. Alexandra Breckenridge may have the second best Instagram account among The Walking Dead cast members (after Norman Reedus), but I am firmly of the opinion now that Rick should cast Jessie aside and make sweet, sweet zombie apocalypse love to Michonne.

The rest of #TeamRichonne on Twitter were also similarly aflutter about that scene in last night’s The Walking Dead season finale: Here were the best responses:


In this crazy, messed up world with cannibals, zombies, and indiscriminate murderers, these two just might make it after all.