Learn How To Speak Dothraki From 'Game Of Thrones' In This Hilarious Parody Straight From The 90s

Do you remember those commercials for Muzzy that used to run between episodes of Eureeka’s Castle on Nickelodeon? I must’ve buried them deep in my memories, but I remember being freaked out by the growling beast that was yelling at me in French from the television.

Well the folks at Nacho Punch remember too and they’re combining the 90s language aids with Game Of Thrones in an effort to teach everyone how to speak the numerous languages you can hear on the show. From the video description:

90’s TV commercials meet Game of Thrones in a parody that no one was asking for. Before Rosetta Stone, children relied on Muzzy, a lovable cartoon character who taught them how to speak in different languages. They included Dothraki, Valyrian, Hodor and White Walker.

I have no idea where anyone would even get this idea, but it exists and it is amazing. I would totally buy a Muzzy set for Dothraki or even languages from other series like Star Trek. Let Worf spend hours of video trying to teach me the finer points of Klingon and I can die a happy man.

(Via Nacho Punch / Daily of the Day)