How Do Tommy And JP Start Working Together In ‘Power’?

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book IV: Force will be found below.)

Tommy and JP have grown pretty close since learning that they were half brothers in the first episode of Power Book IV: Force. Tommy has taken the time to help JP out in multiple ways. He’s stopped by their grandmother’s house to help fix and repair things and he’s given JP money to recover from the family’s bar being shot up. While this is all well and good, JP reaches a point where he no longer wants to receive a handout from Tommy, and after confronting him on what he actually does for a living, JP asks to join Tommy in the drug game. Tommy is emphatically against it, but push comes to shove, and soon enough, they’re working together.

How Do Tommy And JP Start Working Together?

It began with a conversation at their grandmother’s house. Tommy is in need of a second cook to construct the street version of Dahlia, and seeing that JP is someone who is good with their hands, Tommy concludes that JP can in fact help him. To kick things off, Tommy brings JP to his apartment where he and Liliana teach him how to put Dahlia together. Tommy reminds JP that there’s no room for error here, and while that is certainly a lot of pressure to put on him, Tommy also believes that JP can get the job done.

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