Who Starts Following Tommy Around Chicago In ‘Power?’

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book IV: Force will be found below.)

Shortly after Tommy Egan moved to Chicago in Power Book IV: Force, he ran into his half-brother, JP. They were both unaware that the other existed, but through their discovery, they formed a bond that was focused on them helping each other out. JP has shown Tommy videos and photos of their mother when they were young while Tommy has offered to help clean up JP’s grandmother’s house as well as lend JP money when his bar gets shot up. As their bond strengthens, JP and Tommy are in for a surprise at some point in the future.

Who Starts Following Tommy Around Chicago In ‘Power?’

As Tommy’s beef with Jenard continues, the latter offers D-Mac, a younger member of CBI, $5,000 to tail Tommy and see what he’s up to. D-Mac has been introduced several times during the season. We know that he’s JP’s long-lost son, one who was taken away from him by his ex-wife some years ago. We also know that D-Mac is the one who shot up JP’s bar. At this point, it’s clear that D-Mac has some disdain for his father, but for some reason, when he discovers that Tommy and JP are spending time together, he quickly returns to Jenard and tells him he can no longer do the job. It should also be noted that during episode one, D-Mac briefly held Tommy at gunpoint during their first meeting.

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