Who Is Dahlia In ‘Power?’

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book IV: Force will be found below.)

If there’s one thing that Tommy Egan will do during his time in Chicago, it’s make a deal with someone. He’s made deals with Liliana, who tried to kill him, Diamond and Vic, who were initially rivals to him, and even a random older guy as Tommy gave him some money to immediately move out of his house. Tommy’s latest deal finds him working with Claudia, as the two prepare to sell a brand new drug that Claudia and her partner Mai brought forth together. Tommy and Claudia’s relationship also brings a new name into the mix: Dahlia

Who Is Dahlia In ‘Power?’

Dahlia is the name of the new drug that Claudia wants to put out to the streets of Chicago. During episode three, Claudia says the drug has a chemical compound that is “too close to cocaine.” She also noted that it was deprived from a “busted diet pill.” In this week’s episode, Claudia tracks down Tommy for a second time and lets him try the drug, which leaves him completely blown away at how clean of a high it gives him.

After a failed attempt by him and Liliana to figure out the components of the drug, Tommy agrees to work with Claudia to move the product in the streets. The two agree on a 60/40 split on profits with Tommy receiving the majority.

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