Howard Stern Asked David Letterman Point Blank If Jay Leno Was His Last Guest

With just seven episodes of The Late Show with David Letterman left, there are a some big red question marks regarding his final roster of guests. Most notably, the rumor of whether or not Jay Leno would show up for his last show, as he was reportedly invited to appear, but “the ball was in Jay’s court.”

So, when Howard Stern appeared on the show last night, he cut through the bullcrap and asked Letterman point blank whether or not that “creep” Jay Leno would be a guest on his final show. Put on the spot, Dave deflected to his horrified, deer-in-headlights producer standing offstage whether or not the rumor was true while Howard grilled her.

She seemed to confirm that it was true that they asked, but did he accept? I can’t tell if she confirmed that or if that was just Howard jumping to conclusions. Either way, it looks like there’s still a chance he could show up.

If you’re wondering, Howard still never got that kiss, either.