Hugh Jackman Attempts To Cheat Against Jimmy Fallon In A Game Of ‘Pool Bowling’

The last time Hugh Jackman was on The Tonight Show, it was fun to see just how into the silly games Jimmy Fallon has his guests play. Then it was cooler scooter racing, which made a return tonight but featured Jimmie Johnson instead of Jackman. Instead, Wolverine got to square off with Fallon in a game of pool bowling, which is pool or billiards played with bowling balls.

Jackman was completely into the game and even tried to steal a win by cheating, but foolishly put his own ball back on the table instead of Fallon’s. It proves that the guest can make a segment great, even when the activity is fairly boring (much like the real sport). It’s no Family Feud, but it’s still pretty fun to see Jackman cut loose.

(Via The Tonight Show)