Hugh Laurie Can’t Stop Doing The ‘House’ Limp

Out of all the British actors who completely deceived me into thinking they were American, Hugh Laurie broke my heart the worst. How could the man who played the perfect embodiment of United States dickishness be British? A quick IMDb search proved that everything I thought I knew about Dr. House was a lie. Laurie is a beloved UK comedian with a resume on British television longer than his arm.

While he may be able to turn the Yankee accent on and off with ease, the House limp has been a little harder to control. Via the Irish Examiner:

Talking to Graham Norton on the Graham Norton Show about his famous character, Dr. Gregory House, he said: “I can’t remember any of the lines at all, but when ‘action’ is shouted I start limping.

“I’m like a dog that’s been prodded with electrodes.”

Can you blame him? Laurie did eight seasons of House… that’s 177 episodes worth of TV where he had to subconsciously keep that limp going while torturing his diagnostic team and talking sh*t about lupus. All with a flawless American accent. That’s hella impressive.

(Via the Irish Examiner and IMDb)