Hulu Is In Talks To Resurrect ‘Community’ For A Sixth Season

Just as we finally got used to a world without constant Greendale drama, Vulture’s Josef Adalian reports that Hulu is in talks with Sony to bring back Community for a sixth season.

While NBC hasn’t changed its mind about another season of the show, Sony Pictures Television, the primary studio behind Dan Harmon’s show, is in active conversations with Hulu Plus about the possibility of producing one more 13-episode season of the show. (Via)

Adalian is quick to note that there’s a big difference between “possibility of producing” and “let’s start waiting in line for the Community movie,” but it’s something? I dunno, I love Community, but I wouldn’t be sad if these “talks” went nowhere. It had a (mostly) great five-season run, and another couple of months of will they/won’t they come back sounds exhausting. Let the cast move on, let us move on, let Dan Harmon focus on Rick & Morty. Unless more Dean raps and Annie dances are in-store.

Then I’m down with it coming back.

Via Vulture