I Think We All Know Why Kelly Ripa Ended Up With The Extra Large iPhone 6

Kelly Ripa can tell all the stories she wants about Gelman and Michael Strahan making fun of how she couldn’t handle the larger iPhone 6. We are well aware of the truth and we’ve all seen the clip by now. Something about 5.5 inches being underwhelming, her weird lumberjack hands and replicant belly button, the UPROXX community’s big crush on the lady and a desperate need to feel the size in her hands.  Then I’m sure there was some sort of cooking segment.

The game is clear. It’s not some secret. Pushing the limits of 9 AM talk show banter will net you a brand new iPhone, especially when you compare it to a dick. That’s the world we live in currently, a world where iPhones hold sway and ISIS is cutting off heads. If it isn’t black market scammers abusing the Apple Store line, it’s talk show hosts with sex on the brain getting them for free.

Meanwhile I have a TracFhone. It’s smaller and doesn’t have all the finer touches of an iPhone, but it gets the job done, dammit.

(Via Late Show)