Sir Ian McKellen Is The Latest To Shoot Down Jon Stewart’s Weird Jennifer Lawrence-Helen Mirren Theory

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12.03.13 12 Comments

Last night Sir Ian McKellen dropped by The Daily Show to have a lovely chat with Jon Stewart about how you turn The Hobbit into three movies, living in England during WWII, and how his mother encouraged his acting. But all that of course takes a backseat because around the 2:00 mark Stewart asks McKellen about knowing a young Helen Mirren in an attempt to manipulate McKellen into supporting his passionate “Jennifer Lawrence looks like a young Helen Mirren” theory. McKellen promptly shoots down in terrific fashion.

In case you missed it, Stewart proposed the same theory to Jennifer Lawrence last week in the worst/best interview arguably in Daily Show history. She thought it was weird and wrong and weird. And now I’m officially obsessed with Jon Stewart’s Lawrence-Mirren theory obsession. I suspect he suspects time-traveling vampire celebrity involvement. Here’s to him not letting up on the relentless pursuit for answers.

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