Ice Cube And Kevin Hart Gave Dating Advice To Bachelor Ben On ‘The Bachelor’

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Ice Cube and Kevin Hart stopped by Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor to give Ben Higgins some dating advice, because celebrity guests by the second episode are always a good sign of how a season is going. (Of course, it didn’t hurt that the duo are also promoting their upcoming movie, Ride Along 2.) Ben didn’t seem to notice, however, exclaiming on his guests’ arrival that Ice Cube “has done everything from acting to rap!” which is about the extent I would expect a human Ken Doll on The Bachelor to have a grasp on Ice Cube’s career.

At any rate, after the show, Ice Cube stopped by to chat with Bachelor superfan Jimmy Kimmel about his appearance, and to share some of the dating advice they gave to Ben. Cube and Hart had accompanied Ben and his date Caila (who lost her tiara as “the most terrifying contestant” to Olivia this week) on a super romantic outing to the seedy liquor store and then a hot tub retailer to test out the merchandise. Cube explains to Kimmel that, “me and Kevin Hart had to show the man how to get him a little bit of nookie.”

When asked about what his advice as far as dating goes, Cube makes it seem pretty uncomplicated as he tells Kimmel, “Uh, pick the best one. Out of 25, you gotta pick the best one.” Based on the two episodes that have aired so far, good luck with that, Bachelor Ben.

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