Lizzy Caplan Knows How To Make A Meatloaf That Looks Like A ‘Huge D*ck’

As if sensing the world will need a show that combines “sex,” “Lizzy Caplan,” and “Martin Sheen” more than ever, Showtime will premiere the well-received Masters of Sex the same night Breaking Bad goes off the air, assuming you haven’t already watched the pilot. Not that you won’t watch it again and again and again, living in a constant state of bliss until Better Call Saul is on. Or until you remember Bob’s Burgers is also back on September 29th.

To hype the series, Lizzy Caplan was on Conan last night to discuss, among other titillating bits of tid, her parent’s X-rated cookbook and its recipes for tarts in the shape of boobs and meatloaf that resembled a huge d*ck. Expect the book to factor into Masters of Sex, when the writers are struggling for new ideas in season 11.