If You Send Diamonds To Anna Kendrick’s Home, She Will Throw Them In The Trash

Anna Kendrick, being cute as button if a button were drop-dead, rip-your-face-off sexy, is the kind of person you’d expect to have … admirers, and by “admirers,” I mean “stalkers.” But not that completely insane kind that show up at her house and pitch tents made of their own skin in her front yard. Kendrick’s stalkers, so far, are more the nerdy types who pine away at home and live under the false misconception that, if only she knew them, she’d fall madly in love with them.

Some of that admirers, she told Marc Maron on his podcast this week, have gone so far as to find her home address, which she really, really wishes they hadn’t done. And on her birthday (which was August 9th, not that any of us are keeping track), she got gifts. Things like, say, teddy bears.

Some of these gifts come with sweet letters that say things like, “I’m sorry if this is an invasion of privacy, but … ” But NOTHING. It’s a creepy invasion of privacy. Period. Do not send things to a celebrity’s home address. “If you’d send them through the proper channels, it’d be a lot sweeter and much less creepy,” Kendrick says. In fact, Kendrick told Maron, whenever she receives gifts from strangers addressed to her at home, she throws them in the trash. She doesn’t even give them to friends, or to people who might want the gifts, because she just doesn’t know if one of those stuffed teddy bears is STUFFED FULL OF ANTHRAX, and she wisely doesn’t want to take the chance.

How far does this “goes in the trash” policy extend? As far as possible, Kendrick tells Maron.

“I got [a gift] with, like, a really long letter about how he really felt like we should be together, and if I would just give him a chance, and he didn’t want to do it over social media because he thought that would pressure me because it was public … he [wanted] to be a gentleman. And he, uh, sent me a pair of diamond earrings.”

“Get the f*ck out of here,” Maron said. “For real ones?”

“For real diamond earrings,” Kendrick responded. “I did go and check. And I was just like, these have to go into the trash. I can’t. I cannot. I cannot wear them. I can’t give them to someone. It’s too weird. If the teddy bear goes in the trash, these go in the trash. Just on principle. So, I had to throw them away. If you send something to my house, it’s going in the trash.”

She also admitted that, while she hasn’t had to deal too much with stalker issues, she did have to hire a guy to investigate one person who got a little too psycho.

So the lesson here is: Keep your stalking limited to the confines of your own goddamn heads, and don’t send Anna Kendrick things to her house, because no matter how expensive it is, it’s just like throwing money in the trash. And if the gentlemen who sent Kendrick earrings is reading this, you should understand that she’s not wearing them. She will never wear them. Because they are in a landfill. Please get some help you crazy, crazy person.

Source: WTF Podcast