Important ‘Community’ News: Star-Burns Only Signs Jeff’s Face When Autographing Memorabilia

After having its demise greatly exaggerated by the internet, Community has been been making all the news with the announcement of the show moving to Yahoo and the 100% chance of a movie. I’d like to tell you I have new breaking/interesting nuggets about the direction of the sixth season and a movie to share. I don’t, but if you’re like me you’ll find this latest development equally interesting.

Dan Harmon and Dino Stamatopoulos visited Florida’s Supercon over the holiday weekend and signed a bunch of stuff for Community fans. In doing so a strange recurring theme came to light: Dino only signs Community memorabilia over Jeff’s face. Suck on that Winger!

Exhibit A: Three separate DVDs signed by Dan and Dino.

Exhibit B: X-Men/Community crossover art signed by the pair.

This means Star-Burns hatred for Jeff Winger burns so strong it’s bled into Dino and he feels he must undermine Joel McHale whenever an opportunity is presented, correct? Or maybe it’s just a fun gag he decided to do at the spur of the moment. Either way I’m all for it. But it’s the first one.