'Veep' And Anthony Bourdain's 'Parts Unknown' Renewed, John Oliver Sets 'Daily Show' Takeover Date

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05.01.13 6 Comments

Veep’s ratings have been on the rise of late, thanks in part to having a Game of Thrones lead-in, and in part to it being an all around hilarious, awesome and scathing show. It hit a season high this last Sunday with 1.3 million viewers, and in doing so, earned itself a third season (and hopefully, this year will see another Emmy nomination for Julia Louis-Dreyfus). Of course, we here at UPROXX would also like to take some credit. Our Q&As with Tony Hale and Matt Walsh, our live discussion with Reid Scott, UPROXX 20 with Timothy Simons and, of course, our weekly recaps. We pushed that dial, people! Congrats to Veep.

And if you don’t believe me about the power of UPROXX, do you think it’s just a mere coincidence that the very week that Anthony Bourdain came onto this very site and called the friend of one of our commenters a “puddle of sh*t” that his new CNN show, Parks Unknown was renewed for a second season? OF COURSE IT’S NOT A COINCIDENCE.

Now, what else can we get renewed? Elisha Cutbhert? You wanna stop by, chat with our commenters, and get Happy Endings another season? We’re right here waiting … with our pants off (not because we’re perverts, but because we don’t wear pants).

Finally, we’ll just throw this little announcement into the mix: As we already know, Jon Stewart will be taking a break from The Daily Show this summer to direct a film and John Oliver will be filling in. Now we know exactly when that will happen: June 10th (with guest Seth Rogen). His guest on the second day? Armando Iannucci, creator of Veep (FULL CIRCLE).

Jon Stewart will return September 3rd. It’s gonna be a long, weird summer without him.

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