The Internet’s Reaction To This Week’s Episode Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Was Predictably Hilarious

After one of the more devastating episodes in the series run of The Walking Dead, “The Grove,” a little levity is necessary. Time plus tragedy equals comedy, and I think that 3 days after witnessing Lizzie murder her own sister, only to be shot in the head by Carol, is enough time to wait to trot out the jokes.

Here’s a fantastic round-up of the funniest memes, images, and GIFs inspired by the last episode of The Walking Dead.

What was Judith Thinking


“He may forgive but he will never forget.”

What really happened to Beth

They Always Come Back

I feel the same way, Tyreese

Tyreese does pretty good Dale face

I thought it was common knowledge

Still a better Mom

Source: Reddit and tumblr